Theatre Clocks


  • Theatre timer case.
  • Option of NTP, Sync-wired AFNOR/TBT clocks.
  • Hour minute second, time or timer display.
  • Digital timer and analogue time OR
    digital timer and digital time.
  • LED Timer display
  • LED Time display or
    300mm analogue time display

Key Features

  • Hermetically sealed fishbowl case that allows mounting of several clock combinations
  • Stainless steel surround with non-reflective polycarbonate lens
  • White powder coated inner case and interchangeable clock mounting plate
  • Option of 2 digital displays or digital and analogue display
  • Timer requires  220V or POE power to run dependant on model

Digital Elapse Timer

The Elapse timer is a Simplex 6700/6705 digital clock. It has a high-efficiency LED numeral display with digits measuring 2.5”. The clock is six (6) digits with Green LED. The clock has circuit components which allow it to interface with 6700-9502 timer control panel. The clock has four (4) levels of adjustable brightness.

Analogue Time Display

  • 0057-45UZ - 220V 50HZ synchronised by once an hour correction pulse
  • 0055-45UZ - TBT powered and synchronized by AFNOR-IRIGB
  • ONT12a-BKs - PoE and synchronised via SNTP

Digital Time Display

  • 6311-1234D - 220V synchronised by once an hour correction pulse
  • 6311-1234PD - PoE and synchronised via SNTP

000-922 Hermetically sealed case

  • Digital elapse timer and Analogue clock to be installed inside a simplex PN#000-922 hermetically sealed case.
  • Wall cut-out dimensions - 375mm high, 755mm wide, 95mm deep

Digital Analogue options

  • 6311-1234DA - Green timer and 300mm 0057-45UZ Sync wired 240 V
  • 6311-1234ADA - Green timer and 300mm 0055-45UZ AFNOR/TBT
  • 6311-12BKD - Green Timer and 300mm 12BK POE powered NTP

Digital options

  • 6311-1234D - Green timer and Red clock Sync Wired 240 power for both
  • 6311-1234PD - Green timer and Red clock POE powered NTP
  • 6311-1234UD - Upgrade of existing 6311 to dual digital sync wired
  • 6311-1234UDA - Upgrade of existing 6311 Green timer with existing analogue clock
  • 6700-9502 - Elapsed timer controller (12.4 cm x 8 cm x 3.26 cm)

Digital Dual Theatre Timers

Simplex Model 936211DT Theatre Timer is for use in hospital delivery rooms, operating rooms and laboratories.

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Network Dual Theatre Timers

The 6311-12BK Analogue dual theatre timer is designed to be connected to a hospitals existing network.

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