TA Pro Time

TA Pro Software is designed for companies with a more complex Time & Attendance configuration.

This software is configured based on your individual business needs making your time and attendance process quick and error free. This software can be upgraded as your business grows, Simplex also have available additional software modules including Job costing. TA Professional software produces a file that can be exported to an Excel csv file.

  • Complete hardware and software combination
  • Packages available for 15, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 500 employees
  • Protected with multiple levels of access manager, supervisor, edit and view only
  • Setup multiple groups and companies
  • Support up to 999 working schedules per day
  • Up to 54 schedules can be assigned to any group
  • Calculate daily and weekly overtime
  • Setup to 6 different pay rates
  • Setup Rounding and grace periods
  • Annual holiday calendar
  • Track employee details including leave entitlements & training history
  • Manages OH & S and produces emergency roll call reports
  • Bell scheduling capabilities
  • Open data in Microsoft excel for further monitoring if required