Profil 940

Clock designed for indoor use ; round, extra flat with black hour - minute hands.

This indoor analogue clock with its contemporary design fits harmoniously into all kinds of environments.

  • Dimension of dial approx. 400mm ø, readable at 30 metres
  • Perfect readability of the time.
  • Single or double sided version available
  • Optional Double sided bracket available
  • Injected ABS case
  • 3 types of dial with black graphics and white background : figures 1-12 or minute notches. DIN dial upon request
  • 3 colours of ring : white, black, chromium metal
  • Non-reflective flat protective glass
  • Driven by IRIGB/AFNOR coded time movement insensitive to dust
  • Wall mounting
  • Indoor and Outdoor models available
  • Compatible with Sigma H Master Clock

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