The OnTime clock is highly accurate and gets time updates automatically over the network. It requires no specialised software to control one or hundreds of clocks from any PC on the network with a simple Telnet session.


  • Red seven-segment LED display with 4inch numerals that are visible at over 50 meters
  • Power over Ethernet technology lets you deploy a digital clock system without the cost of installing AC outlets, using your existing Ethernet LAN and the same network components as IP phones
  • Time is automatically set by Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) no master clock or serial connection required
  • A standard Telnet session provides complete control overIP configuration, SNTP server address, time zone configuration, display format (12/24 hour) and clock status reporting


  • ONT6bk-S 6 Digit clock PoE clock
  • ONT6DSbk-s Double sided 6 Digit PoE with bracket


  • ONT6FM Flush mount for ONT6bk-S

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