Analogue PoE Clocks

Simplex’s new IP analog clocks are one of the most technologically advanced clocks in the industry. The clock runs on the Power Over Ethernet (802.3af) protocol. The PoE clock receives its power and data from a standard CAT5 patch cable via a PoE injector or switch.

Each clock has an internal web browser that contains the clock’s settings and is configurable by the user. By simply using a web-based application, the entire system can be managed, enabling administration to view and/or change existing configuration. The clocks receive its time from a (S)NTP time server for accurate timekeeping, thus eliminating the need for a master clock. The SAP Series is available is 12” and 16” versions.

The SBL 3000 series also allows you to choose specific features in order to meet your facility’s needs. Broken up into three separate series (3100, 3200 and 3300), the SBL 3000 can accomplish more than simply displaying the time. Some additional features include Elapsed Timer capabilities, programming the clocks through Simplex software program and the ability to interface with other systems.

  • PN# 6705-912A 300mm PoE
  • PN# 6705-916A 400mm PoE

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